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Wellue - O2Ring™ Wearable Oxygen Monitor

Comfortable wearing experience
Track and record oxygen level and heart rate
Smart vibration triggered by low SpO2
Built-in rechargeable battery for overnight use
Sync real-time data with App via Bluetooth
Use Time: 12-16 hours
Weight: 15g
HK$1,580.00 HK$996.00

OMRON – HCR-7800T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + ECG

Simultaneously measure your blood pressure and take an ECG in just 30 seconds, or just choose one of them based on your requirements.
Test for possible atrial fibrillation at home in just 30 seconds.
After recording an ECG, the analysis results will be displayed on the “OMRON Connect” app as “Normal sinus rhythm”, “Bradycardia”, “Tachycardia”, “Potential Atrial Fibrillation”..etc.
Transfer ECG and blood pressure data via Bluetooth using the “OMRON Connect” app.
Conveniently track and manage your blood pressure and ECG data in a single app, and easily share the information with your family and doctor.
Connected health data (Bluetooth Technology) via Omron Connect app.
Cuff Wrapping Guide
Body movement detection
IntelliSense Technology
1 Years Warranty
Made in Japan
Sole Agent (Hong Kong / Macau)

* Machine sales do not include mobile phones.

*HCR-7800T requires an additional smart device to use

Please refer to the Supported Devices

Instruction Manual: HCR-7800T Intruction Manual

Precautions for use: HCR-7800T Cautions

HK$3,300.00 HK$2,145.00

OMRON -JPN610T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

IntelliWrap Cuff with 360° Accuracy
Connected health data (Bluetooth Technology) via Omron Connect app
Hypertension indicator
Irregular heartbeat detection
Cuff wrapping guide
Body movement detection
100 sets memory storage with date and time
Average for last 3 reading taken within 10 minutes
IntelliSense Technology
5 Years Warranty
Sole Agent (Hong Kong / Macau)

Instruction Manual: JPN610T Manual (1)

Instruction Manual: JPN610T Manual (2)

HK$1,340.00 HK$992.00

OMRON - HBF-702T Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor

Body weight
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Skeletal Muscle
Body Fat
Visceral Fat
Resting Metabolism
Body Age
Segmental Subcutaneous Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage
4 Users Memory With Auto Recognition for the Users
Connected data (Bluetooth Technology) via Omron Connect app
Record your measurement data on your smartphone

Instruction Manual: HBF-702T Instruction Manual

HK$2,500.00 HK$1,875.00

OMRON - HV-F128 Pulse Massager (Random Packing)

LCD shows intensity and remaining time of stimulation
12 Different Programs, including:
6 Regions (automatic therapy program): Shoulders, Joint (knee, elbow), Arm, Sole, Leg and Waist
4 Massage modes: Tapping, Kneading, Pushing, Rubbing
Soothe and Relieve mode of varied frequency
5 Special Modes (Hyper Mode, Soft Mode, Repeat Mode, Point and Wide Mode, Balance Adjustment)
Washable & Durable Long-Life Pads
10 intensity levels
Automatically turn off after 15 mins
Frequency: 1200Hz

Instruction Manual: HV-F128 Manual

HK$580.00 HK$395.00

OMRON – HV-F311-UK HeatTens Pain Reliever

HEAT + TENS = Relieve muscle soreness

Enjoy 30 minutes of HEAT + TENS therapy at home.
Dual Therapy (HEAT + TENS) relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation and effectively relieves muscle pain.
3 Therapy Choices: "15 mins of warming mode + 15 minutes of TENS therapy", "Warming and TENS therapy are performed alternately", "30 minutes TENS therapy".
3 Massage Modes: (simulate real people's hand) tapping, pressing and kneading.
6 Position Modes: Shoulders, Waist, Joints, Arm, Calf and Sole.
2-stage temperature switching.
20 levels of intensity adjustment.
Frequency: approx. 0.7-108Hz.
Automatically turns off after 30 mins.
3 Years Warranty.
Sole Agent (Hong Kong / Macau).

Instruction Manual: HV-F311-UK Instruction Manual

HK$1,500.00 HK$750.00

OMRON – NE-S20 Handy Inhaler

Effectively moisturizes the nasal cavity and throat and relieves discomfort.
Inhale with cold boiled water, water filtered through a water purifier or saline solution.
Disposable mesh cap saves cleaning time, convenient and hygienic.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
No power cord, convenient for handheld use.
Mist particle size : approx. 10-22 µm.
Very quiet operation < 25dB - Prevent children from being frightened during use.
Easy and convenient assembly.
Using two AA alkaline batteries, it can run continuously for approx. 3 hours.
1 Year Warranty.
Sole Agent (Hong Kong / Macau).

*Not intended for the treatment of disease.

*Use only water, do not add any medications to it.

Instruction Manual: NE-S20 Instruction Manual

HK$1,600.00 HK$1,440.00

Viatom - Checkme O2 Smart Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Continuously tracks and records oxygen level, heart rate and steps on a mobile device via Bluetooth
Free APP & PC Software saving and sharing your report which you could share with your doctor
Vibration feedback when the blood oxygen level out of the threshold you preset on the App
4 records, up to 10 hours for each
Use Time: est. 16 hours
HK$1,250.00 HK$1,063.00

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