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ChoiceMMed was founded in August 1993. After 20 years of continuous innovation in science and technology, ChoiceMMed has grown into one of the leading enterprises in the global healthcare industry. ChoiceMMed is committed to developing innovative medical health products for global medical institutions and family support. In line with its core mission of "Providing a better life” we have always sought to innovate and grow. ChoiceMMed is working on according to a model of Smart Health Care developing ever more “easy to use” products.

Headquarters of ChoiceMMed is located in Beijing. There, at the Beijing Badachu hi-tech Park, ChoiceMMed has 8000 square meters of international standard industrial workshops, fitted with precision research equipment and inspection equipment, according to ISO13485 and QSR820 establish the specifications of production quality management system. For years, ChoiceMMed has won many awards, including the National High-tech enterprise Award, the Beijing Patent Experiment Enterprise Award, the Haidian District Innovation Enterprise Award, the ZhongGuanCun High-tech enterprise Award, the ZhongGuanCun Gazelle Enterprise Award etc. After several years of market development, our customers are found in 89 countries and regions. ChoiceMMed products have entered into global professional medical institutions and people’s families. In expanding its market, more and more people have come to benefit from ChoiceMMed's belief that modern medical science brings a “healthy life”.

We not only focus on health and medical products, but also have a high sense of social responsibility with regard to public welfare in China. We have given high quality medical products and considerable service to the community. ChoiceMMed had donated free medical equipment to the western part of China; in the struggle against SARS, we also gave out free diagnostic equipment to the China charity federation. And at the time of the Wenchuan earthquake, we lent a helping hand to people in the disaster area.

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