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Nasal and Throat Care

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OMRON – NE-S20 Handy Inhaler

To relieve nasal and throat discomfort by moistening.
Inhale with cold boiled water, water filtered through a water purifier or saline solution.
Disposable mesh cap saves cleaning time, convenient and hygienic.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
No power cord, convenient for handheld use.
Mist particle size : approx.. 10-22 µm.
Very quiet operation < 25dB - Prevent children from being frightened during use.
Easy and convenient assembly.
Using two AA alkaline batteries, it can run continuously for approx. 3 hours.
1 Year Warranty.
Sole Agent (Hong Kong / Macau).

*Not intended for the treatment of disease.

*Use only water, do not add any medications to it.

Instruction Manual: NE-S20 Instruction Manual

HK$1,600.00 HK$1,440.00