Omron Healthcare Company (Japan) is a product dedicated to the enhancement of a healthy lifestyle. Clinically proven methods supported by innovative technologies produce the highest quality healthcare devices. With Omron's "Bio-information Sensing" technologies, accuracy and reliability are guaranteed in monitoring devices.

Keeping fit and staying healthy is essential to everyone in this fast-paced environment. Omron provides a range of effective and easy-to-use healthcare devices that will help you to reach your goals to a healthy lifestyle. Omron stands behind it's products strictly adhering to the quality and safety standards internationally. So you know your best choice for a healthy living is Omron.

Our Chabaa fruit juices are 100% pure juices imported from Thailand. Our most popular new flavors that come in 200 and 720 mL bottles are Billbery mixed Blueberry Juice and Raspberry mixed Pomegranate Juice. Some of the other 13 Chabaa flavors range from Carrot fruit juice to even Pomelo juice. Presently, Chabaa just revamped their packaging with a new logo and new look on the 1 L and our 200 mL juice boxes.

Chabaa is the only producer of many rare, top quailty juices that help strengthen the immune system and nourish our bodies with lots of antioxidants, making Chabaa the top choice in "Leading the Market for a Healthy Lifestyle".

Marukai is Japan's top choice for Juices. Their organic juices are made without any chemical additives that is healthy and beneficial to the human body. The juices are freshly squeezed from the fruits, which is different from what other major manufactures provide.
Another first from Japan in making the jelly so convenient to eat.  Just peal off the seal from the small portion cup enables you to easily get at the delicious juicy jelly.  It is a healthy fruit flavored jelly made of konnyaku, which is rich in fiber that is used as a dietary supplement in Japan. The latest introduction of Blueberry flavored jelly is the first available in the market. The blueberry fruit is known for its many beneficial properties of which the most well known is its enhancement to the eye.
One of Japan’s leading manufacturer of health food and supplements, MINAMI produces quality products that meet strict standards and safety requirements set out by the government of Japan.  A few most popular items we selected for the Hong Kong market: Blueberry tablet and Blueberry concentrate, DHA & Collagen
Clear Blue, Clear plan Test Kits
Clearblue was the first to develop the one-step pregnancy test by Unipath UK, one of the world's leading women's health diagnostics companies.  Since it was formed in 1984 and has become recognized for its innovative approach and technological expertise. Today it offers women throughout the world a comprehensive range of pregnancy and ovulation tests namely CLEARBLUE.
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